Ancestral Memories: Africans in Cuba

TAW_09-Below is a link to an article about four Cubans who have traced their African roots to Sierra Leone. One of my primary interests, both as a practitioner and a priestess, is ancestral memories and connections.  This story is amazing to me because:

After several years of research across Liberia and Sierra Leone, their [the Cubans] origin was traced to Sierra Leone’s Upper Banta chiefdom, where several of the Cubans’ songs and one of their dances were identified as part of the initiation rite of the now-defunct Menda secret society.


But please ignore the reference to “masked devils.”  These look more the Egungun masquerades of Yoruba, which are masquerades created to house the energy of the ancestors in order to allow them to speak to the community. African traditions generally do not believe in a “devil” so you can be certain that any reference to the devil in African tradition is a result of European and/or Christian ideology imposed on African traditions.

You can read more here:


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