About Me

20121231_194305 (2)con·jure
verb:  make (something) appear unexpectedly or seemingly from nowhere as if by magic

 “I believe in and practice conjure, the art of manifesting soul visions and making spirit dreams come to life.”


Conjurations is a blog discussing life from an intersectional space, where race, gender, class, sexuality, and religion come together through a lens of justic and liberation. Conjurations makes space for the contradictions and paradoxes of Esu, the orisha of the crossroads. I created this blog to shed light on the wisdom and practices of African traditional spirituality and how they can support healing, wellness, and elevation in our time.

My name is Darasia Selby-Adebisi (Ojekemi) and am a New Afrikan initiate and priestess of Oshun, Egungun, and Ifa in the Yoruba and Lukumi traditions.  I say that I am a “New Afrikan priestess” not a “Yoruba priestess” because I am a daughter of the Diaspora, true to my New Afrikan roots. Never forgetting the old and always embracing the new.

I am also an activist and community organizer who strongly believes in the rights of oppressed people to be self-determined and I am interested in the intersecting work of Black liberatory politics and spirituality.  I am a member of the Philly Chapter of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (www.mxgm.org), an organization of New Afrikans/Africans in America working for complete self-determination and liberation.
Because #BlackHealingMatters I am currently training as a Integrative Health Arts Practitioner, which a fancy way of saying I am learning various modalities to be able to bring more healing practices to Black folks.
Please feel free to ask questions or drop me a line at oshunshango@gmail.com.

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